Questions about copyright infringement?

All Grelly products are sourced directly from eBay website. If you find that a product infringes copyright, please report it to eBay. Grelly cannot directly solve the problem, however eBay assures users that its teams will take action if a product is found to be infringing.

Click here for more information about eBay\'s intellectual property protection programme. You can file a complaint about a copyright issue by sending an email to [email protected]. eBay takes these issues very seriously and will take appropriate action to resolve them.

Once the item is deactivated on eBay it will automatically be deactivated on Grelly. All eBay items are automatically updated on Grelly.

Is your item still visible on Grelly even though it has been sold?

If you want to remove your item from Grelly, you must first remove it from eBay. All items listed and visible on eBay can be found on Grelly. Items cannot be removed by anyone on the Grelly team. Items must be removed by the seller. Once your item has been removed from eBay you can refresh Grelly and check again to see if your item is still found on Grelly.

Want to add your items to Grelly?

Go to your eBay account, or easily create one, to upload your items to the eBay. Once you\'ve added your items, your items will automatically be added to Grelly.

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